Wednesday Stitch and Chat – Prempted

It was Tuesday night. I was all set for my Wednesday Stitch and Chat, the only thing in my way was confirming whether or not I had to show up for jury duty. I crossed my fingers while dialing in, hoping to hear my name dismissed only to hear, “All Jurors Must Attend”. Drat, Double Drat.

I began to prepare what to bring to the courthouse. I knew from the juror materials that knitting was not allowed.  I figured I would take a chance and bring crochet.  Yarn is my security blanket. This meant searching through my favorites (tagged with crochet) and finding a project.


I settled on the Boteh scarf to knit with an Ellyn Cooper yarn I picked up years ago with my sister, Nancy and our friend Ann.  We were in New Hampshire and I don’t know how I remember this but I’m pretty sure the store’s same was The Fiber Studio.

Wednesday morning dawned and I needed an appropriate mug to match my mood. My sister and I share a love of fun coffee mugs. I think half my “cool” mugs come from her.  At any rate, I decided not to use the “I’m just a bill” because I thought it would some how jinx me into being picked for jury duty.  What can I say, this is how my mind works.  I picked the “Don’t tell me to keep calm” and it served me well.

So prepared with my “busy bag” filled with yarn, hooks, paperback book, magazine, kindle, and snacks, I headed off.  I knew I had to go through a metal detector, however, I did not even consider how thoroughly they go through every.single.pocket. Just to give you a mental picture, my bag has bags within bags all with countless zippers and pockets, clipped together in a highly technical way.

The woman checking my bag found a blunt tipped chibi (tapestry needle), my kitty snips, and a mini metal tape measure and deemed them suspect. The security guard felt someone could be choked with it. I was allowed to bring those back to the car.  I walked back to the parking lot with a woman bringing two metal tape measures.  She was more of a threat, I think. When I came back, I had to go through the search/metal detector again.  It does make sense when you think about it.

All kidding aside, the security people were kind, patient, and throughout.  They perform a valuable service to our safety. I felt bad about the pockets and they just shrugged it off as something to do.

Then the waiting game begins.  I found it interesting that the news is on in the jury assembly room. Anyway, THANKFULLY my name was not called for the two groups of twenty people that were led out for jury selection.

I worked up the Boteh scarf with an E hook (left) then an F hook (right). 

I thought I’d prefer the size worked with the F hook, but when I lay them out side by side, I think I go back to the E hook. I know it looks like exactly the same picture – look at the width of the top of the triangle.

You’re probably holding your breath as to whether or not I was picked.  Thankfully, no.  We were released midday.  Now this project will probably go into hibernation having served it’s jury service.  I don’t know. We’ll see.

Harry was calm about the whole jury duty thing.  
He had his security tennis ball at the ready.