Let the swatching begin

This past weekend I went to Boston to visit my sister and my oldest daughter.  It was my first time on an Amtrak train and it was pretty cool. I thought I could fit everything into one suitcase.  Who was I kidding?  I had to bring yarn, yarn, and more yarn.

I got 3 votes for Big Damn Heroes, 1 vote for the Bergere sweater, and 1 for the Lang sweater.  I’m going to swatch all of them. 

I started off with Big Damn Heroes with Dragonfly Pixie (Fingering: 100% superwash merino, 475 yards). The pattern called for a #6, so I began on a #5. Since the cast on is a small number of stitches, I decided to swatch by just starting the project. 
I like it so far, the red will be pretty.  I found it hard to concentrate on the train, so I went onto the next swatch.

I changed to the Lang Pullover. Calls for #6, so I’ll start my swatch on a #5.  I’m trying out Knitter’s Pride Marblz needle tips that I picked up somewhere in my travels. They are pretty, 

Not surprisingly, I have to go down at least two needle sizes.  What was I thinking?  This yarn is almost as thin as dental floss. I do like the stitch pattern and will persevere. As far as the Marblz needles go, if you want a slower drag on your stitches, this will give you that.  The point is ok, but not as pointy as the Dreamz.

I thought I took a picture of my swatch for Song of the Sea, but alas, there was user error involved.