From Cornelia

I returned to knitting after a hiatus of 40 years. A friend who is a faithful member the Tuesday Stitch and Chat group encouraged me to come to the class. I did and never looked back! Pam's encouragement during those early days of learning new techniques and correcting mistakes made all the difference. Pam is always so patient and never makes anyone feel foolish when they have a basic ... Read the Post

From Trammi

I have taken several classes with Pam and adore her as well as love her classes. Although she designs patterns and has years of knitting experience, she has always supported my enthusiasm and desire to learn (take on challenging projects as well as beginning design work) even though I am relatively new to this craft. Pam’s Stitch and Chat (which I also attend) has a loyal following. This speaks ... Read the Post

From Mary

I love to knit, I am most happy working on a project. And I can work on a project because of Pam. She has helped make my life less stressful knowing how to knit. I have been taking lessons from Pam for over 10 years. I am part of Stitch and Chat groups as well as private lessons and classes at the store. Pam is patient, reliable, experienced and teaches you at your own pace. I did not know how to ... Read the Post