At first I was a bit uncertain how Zoom could become a live teaching tool.  I figured that the way to use it would be to come to the session prepared to just knit.  Problem solving would be difficult.  I was so wrong! For problems, we simply send photos to Pam and she can examine them.  Also, holding the knitting up to the screen is a help, too. For Pam, there are always solutions.  With ... Read the Post

I started taking knitting classes with Pam a couple of years ago. I couldn’t ask for a more patient or knowledgeable teacher. When I began, I had a good basic understanding of knit and purl, but nothing more. Very quickly, I gained many new skills which have deepened my love of knitting and allowed me to produce items I’m proud to share with friends and family. Moving to an online format with Pam ... Read the Post

I love being a part of Pam’s zoom knitting classes. At a time when we can’t get together with our knitting friends in person, Pam’s classes have given us a chance to keep our knitting community going, as well as giving us her expert help and advice on our latest projects. She can check our gauge, look at our mistakes up close and guide us step-by-step to fix them, and do pretty much everything she ... Read the Post