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Once again I was on the Wait List for a Portuguese Knitting class...I think everyone and their brother/sister must want to learn this technique! But Pam and the fine folk in charge of Rhinebeck were kind enough to add another class to the schedule!The class was wonderful! Pam has a great way of explaining things and the patience of a saint!
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I’ve been wanting to take a class in Portuguese knitting for several years. Pam's class was wonderful. She was well-organized, patient, and made sure all the students were keeping up and not feeling frustrated or confused. She is a phenomenal teacher and it’s apparent she loves what she does. It comes across in her enthusiasm, her technical skill and knowledge of her craft.
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I've been taking Pam's zoom classes and have loved them! She's great at teaching new skills, helping with designs, fixing issues...you name it. Not being in person with her hasn't changed how I've felt about knitting classes, she's got great tools to make it really easy to learn and follow along. She's always a pleasure to work with, incredibly helpful, and encouraging. Can't wait to see what other classes she'll be offering!
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Zoom knitting classes are a great way to start and finish projects, learn new techniques, fix mistakes AND stay connected with other great women. Pam Grushkin has figured out how to use technology so smoothly that you get all the advantages of in-person help while staying safe (and pajama clad, if you wish) at home. For me, she’s been a super knowledgeable godsend.
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It was so sad when my local yarn store had to close its doors due to the pandemic. I loved meeting with friends every Tuesday for our Stitch and Chat classes. I was at a loss as to what I would do with all these projects I was working on and needed some help with. No more running into Westport Yarns for help with pattern interpretations, instruction on new techniques, etc. But alas! Pam Grushkin started a Zoom Stitch and Chat!  Have to admit I was skeptical. Couldn’t figure out how this would work but decided to give it a go and it has been a lifesaver these past 5 weeks. Pam was able to help all of us, each week. I don’t think anyone asked her a question that she wasn’t able to help. I felt that I could continue with some difficult projects with her on my screen. Pam runs the class asking each person what they are working on and what they need help with. It is instructive for everyone. She also has us all hold up our work and will pull up patterns so we can see the final outcome. Pam will show us all new projects that she is working on. It is not all knitting. We discuss what books we are reading, programs we are watching on TV, and basically how we have all been coping thru all of this. It’s been great seeing friends from the shop and also meeting some new people. I feel that Pam’s Zoom class will continue to be irreplaceable. When I am on vacation this summer I will use it and if there is a surge or if this virus recurs in the fall/winter months it’s nice to know there is help out there in the tech world. Anyway for those of us who are not yet comfortable venturing out or still want to self- distance, Pam’s Zoom Stitch and Chat is a great alternative!
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Thank you so much Pam.  The class was great, and I am very impressed with your ability to manipulate your screen and explain things so clearly, with illustrations and arrows to point to the specific area to correct!  Congratulations!
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I returned to knitting after a hiatus of 40 years. A friend who is a faithful member the Tuesday Stitch and Chat group encouraged me to come to the class. I did and never looked back! Pam's encouragement during those early days of learning new techniques and correcting mistakes made all the difference. Pam is always so patient and never makes anyone feel foolish when they have a basic question or a dropped stitch! From what I have observed, there is no problem she cannot correct and make good as new. This is a real gift which she so generously shares with our Tuesday group. Tuesday mornings have never been the same. I must add that the group we knit with is such a wonderful group and we share more than our knitting. We discuss books, movies, restaurants and even life experiences among other topics. Thank you, Pam, for making Tuesday mornings in Westport a highlight of my week. You are very special.
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I have taken a couple of project classes with Pam and am now a regular at Stitch and Chat. Her insights, knitting hacks and patience inspire me and have helped me grow from a "knitter" to a self-described "fiber artist". Pam's enthusiasm for the craft is infectious!
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I have been taking a private lessons from Pam Grushkin at the Westport Yarns. When I met her, I was a novice knitter, but with her encouragement and skilled instruction, I am proud to say I have become an intermediate level knitter in a short time. Articulate and compassionate, Pam is a kind of instructor that you can’t help to respect and adore. Encountering Pam was the best thing happened in my knitting experience. Thank you, Pam, and I am so privileged to be your pupil.
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I just love Pam’s Tuesday Stitch & Chat class! First of all, Pam is an inspiring teacher who patiently guides us through our knitting projects and encourages us to try new yarns and patterns. She is a master knitter and designer, always working on something interesting. I don’t think there is a knitting problem Pam can’t solve or a new skill she can’t teach us. And she has the gift of making us feel like a community, having a good time, supporting and feeling supported by our knitting friends.
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After relocating to CT 13 years ago and knowing no one I decided I would start knitting again. It had been a good 6-7 years since I had last knit. Little did I know that walking into the store where Pam had worked was exactly what I had needed. Pam was so easy to talk to and extremely knowledge. She helped pick the perfect "get back into knitting" project. I soon joined Pam's Stitch and Chat class and just loved everything about it. Sadly the store closed but lucky for me Pam started a weekly knitting group. The group consisted of knitters of all ages. I loved the weekly groups and did my best to not miss it. Pam is a perfect knitting instructor, she is extremely patient and a very good listener. No question was ever too big or too small to ask her. When projects I was working on needed adjustments Pam always had a solution. Thanks to Pam my knitting is better than I ever imagined and best of all I made a great friend.



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