Knitting Nomads

Last night after Sit’n Knit ended (8pm) at Westport Yarns we all wanted to continue to, well, sit and knit. The closest place was Dunkin’ Donuts, except we learned they close at 9. Tasha used a handy app on her phone and called around. It seems that Westport is not a particularly happening town past 9:30/10pm.

We set up again at Barnes and Noble.
Immediately upon entering we all noticed the great canvas bags they were selling. We were momentarily distracted by the bags. We love our bags. You can never have too many.

We quickly settled back into whatever we were doing be it knitting or figuring out something with smart phones. There was a new game that Jennifer told us about and we were getting “connected”. The game is called “Hanging with Friends”. I have it now, haven’t figured it out yet. But I have it.

Debra and Tasha were swatching for my Bentley Shrug pattern. They are both knitting with Classic Elite Firefly.

Debra is planning on using 5 different colors. We are going to play around with the math to determine the number of rows per color, based on her gauge.

Jeffrey acted as Tasha’s stitch counter, most helpful.

I don’t think that either Jennifer or I knit too much. It was a lot of fun any way. I was working on the Gossamer Shawl with Artyarns Rhapsody Glitter Light. Jennifer was working on my Infinity Wrap with Prism Tencel Tape. Now, the Knitting Nomads are on the move.