Class with The Crochet Dude

Last Wednesday night I attended The Crochet Dude’s Crochet Cable Boot Camp at Westport Yarns. We were the last stop on his Summer 2011 Boot Camp tour and it was a totally awesome class.

Our homework for the class was to crochet 3 swatches to be used in the class.

He talked to us about the nature of post stitches and how they add structure and drape to crochet. Using crocheted cables makes a crocheted garment less solid because the post stitches can pivot. I found this garment to be really fascinating. It’s from his book Crochet It, Love it, Wear it.
On the wrong side of the garment he used cables to cinch in the waist. This is just inspired and opens up so many design possibilities.

Threaded through the neckline is a strand of elastic.We learned three different cable stitches. Drew explained that when swatching with cables, you have to left the swatches rest overnight because the scrunch in. Also, you have to be careful because cables use more yarn.
It was a terrific class and Drew is a great teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Crocheted Cables, here I come!