What’s on my hooks and needles

We’re getting lots of exciting new lightweight yarns for the spring and it is very hard to stay on topic (project). Today we got in Nashua Creative Focus Linen. Love it! The colors are outstanding. I’m going to crochet Doris Chan’s Ming Jacket.
This is how much I hate sewing. I was done knitting this vest at the end of December. Margaret (at work) found the buttons for me over a month ago. I just sewed them on today and wore the vest – just in time for spring! (The yarn is Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky.)
This is turning out to be a really cute tank. I tried it on and the fit is great. The pattern, Jackie, is well written and I like the top down bit. The yarn is Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool.
The fronts and back are done on my Superbowl sweater a/k/a Nimbus sweater. I’m really glad I ripped it back to the garter borders. I’m alternating the two different dye lots (of Manos) every two rows. It looks much more consistent now.
I’m almost through one skein of the Tonos Pima Silk. I like the way it’s working up in the Summit Wrap. I’m considering making it into an infinity wrap.

The best is, I finished my Lizard Ridge Blanket. However, since I broke my camera, the only pictures on are other people’s cameras! It’s gorgeous and I love it.