If She’s a Sherpa, Where are her sheep?

Ta Da! Robin’s finished Chloe sweater with ends woven in and buttons sewn on! Now we just need a picture of the birthday girl wearing her sweater.
She made it to the necessary 5″ of garter border for her Kimono today. She’s trying to get a fix on the knitting math to figure out how long it will take her to finish it. It took Linda 20 minutes to finish a row.

Robin started a market bag with yarn she received as a gift.

Elizabeth’s Courthouse Steps blanket is really taking shape. It’s really cool looking. There are supposed to be 17 steps. We figured it would be 17 steps or when she got bored or ran out of (Vally Superwash DK) yarn.

She’s knitting a GAP-tastic Cowl in Valley Northampton Bulky yarn for her daughter.

This was a whole different colorway for Mary’s Lizard Ridge Blanket. I really love how it looks; color 10 of Noro Taiyo (in case you’re interested).
We decided that enough is enough for Mary’s Le Veste. I had been concerned that it would be way to big on her. It really wasn’t. She’s going to make a belt to go with it. Robin thought she looked like a Sherpa and asked her where her sheep were.
And here she is, looking far to dressed up for knitting. Linda looked quite stylish in her Kimono.
She received yarn from her daughter-in-law for Christmas and swatched to make the Noro vest I had in yesterday’s blog post.
Sunaina came in very concerned that the front and backs of her dad’s vest weren’t measuring out to be equal. They are and all is right again.

She quite happily shared a water bottle holder she’s knitting.

Michelle is on her way back from 2 months in Florida (we missed her!). She texted me her stitch and chat contribution. A mobius cowl in Jawoll sock yarn.

Her dog, Casey, was all tucked in for the journey.