Road Trip ~ Day 1

I struggle with packing whether it’s a weekend, a week, or in this case months!  I think I struggle with what projects to bring more than the clothes!

Harry has been anxious all week as we began packing. He sat on the bed while I laid out clothing and would put his chin on each new pile of clothing I laid out. The minute we put his bed in the car, he leaped into the car and settled into his bed. No commands necessary!

I feel like I’m traveling with kids again, I have a bag just for him filled with his bowls, old toys, new toys and special treats.

We covered 300 miles and 6 states: Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and stopped in Alexandria, Virginia.

Harry is loving the sights and smells. 
We stopped in Baltimore for seafood and Harry got served water on a silver platter!
You may be wondering why we chose Alexandria as our first stopover. Well, that’s easy, I wanted to visit Fibre Space! Joe has (graciously) given me a 10 mile off the highway yarn store boundary. I tried to fit two stores in one day, but that was pushing it. Isn’t this the cutest building. I love the chairs out front. Charming.
The store was filled with interesting yarns, samples, and notions. I thoroughly enjoyed wandering around.  In the end, I bought Debbie Bliss Eco Baby Cotton for a baby gift.  I would’ve done more damage had I not been to Rhinebeck. Fibre Space carried Miss Babs and Neighborhood Yarns ~ both of which I bought at Rhinebeck.
Harry’s next adventure was the hotel room.  HE LOVES IT! What a big puppy grin!
And after a long day of travel we settled in for snoozing and knitting while watching Netflix.