Wednesday in the den

Sheilah came in wearing the Trendsetter Montage cardigan she recently made. She has a great eye for color and style. The only downside to the Montage yarn is that it catches easily and some of the fibers stick out. You wouldn’t know it to look at it, it looks great. It’s in the wear that these issue pop up (pardon the pun).
She also finished the prism cardigan. Another great work by Sheilah, we don’t believe she sleeps at night. Along the way she had a question about the pattern and emailed Prism, she’s going to forward me the question/answer so I can add it to this post. The pattern called for two full skeins of light stuff or cool stuff or wild stuff. However, the yardage is different on all three and Sheilah found she needed three skeins to complete the sweater.

Finally, she brought in her Noni carpet bag, which she was working on last winter. She found some great handles to sew on and then it’s ready to go. I’m at the same point with my adventure bag, handles (and lining).

Mary worked on her gauge for a hat done in Blue Sky Organic Cotton. Since the hat is knit in the round. The gauge needs to be made in kind of a “mock round”. First off, you have to use a circular needle (the type you intend to use for the hat). When knitting the gauge, instead of working a wrong side row, you carry the yarn loosely behind your work and only knit right side rows. Gauges come out differently for work done right/wrong side vs. in the round. This can get confusing and it turns our Mary is a very relaxed knitter. I think she out does me!. She moved down a needle and we’ll check it later in the week.

Michelle had a question about the Wallaby sweater she’s knitting for her grandson. They give you two options for increases made on the sleeve and it was hard to visualize. After knitting the ribbing you can either make your increases (approx. 12) evenly across the first row, or more traditionally, space out the increases every few rows and done at the underarm. We opted for the more traditional method, the sleeve will have a more graduated look. Otherwise, it would poof up after the rib. She’s back on track.

She worked on her gauge for the Rowan Sweater, Michelle went a totally different route than Sheilah and Theresa. Instead of using cotton glace in three light colors, she’s using Zara in black, charcoal, and denim. The result will be a softer sweater with a much more subtle look. This jacket has become such a favorite in our group. (To see Sheilah and Theresa’s finished sweaters, go to archives and look at the September posts).