According to the calendar, it's springtime.  Here in New England it's debatable.  Thinking optimistically that the warmer weather is coming, I wanted to share three new designs I have for Spring/Summer 2016 with Tahki Stacy credit: © Tahki Stacy Charles, Inc.I have two designs in the Sea Breeze credit: © Tahki Stacy Charles, Inc.The Centerport Cropped Poncho. photo ... Read the Post

Go for the Gusto!

Every fall out of some misguided sense of knitterly responsibility, I ask my family if they want anything hand knit for a holiday gift.  I know so many people (friends and customers alike) that are knitting gifts for the holidays that I feel I would be remiss in the knitter's code of conduct if I didn't.I have three daughters.  I have learned the hard way that they have to pick the pattern and the ... Read the Post