The Magical Mystery Tour Comes to a Close

 Finished!  This was a total labor of love.  I used Trendsetter Yarns:MC: Tonalita, 2349 A: Merino 6, #671 B: Merino 6, #7440 C-G: Merino 6, #705, #4200, #9963, #371, #8772 The picture doesn't show the detail as well as I would like.  This was my first time doing embroidery.  The instructions were very clear.I'm glad there have been a few real winter temperature days where I can wear my sweater! ... Read the Post

Magical Mystery Tour

The Magical Mystery Tour is picking up speed. I am filled with anticipation for the finished sweater. At this point I had finished the front, knit on the side panels and sewed the back.  I reblocked the front because I wasn't happy with how the quilt blocks were sitting.  The were a little pouchy.  Now I like how they look.  I have more than enough embroidery thread.  I couldn't make up my ... Read the Post

Magical Myster Tour continues

I love how this Krazy Kurti working up.  I finished the first two quilt blocks and added the side mitered square panels.  Both had to be blocked before assembling.  I'm probably going to reblock it all in the end.Now I'm adding the side garter panels.  Did I mention I'm having a blast knitting this?  ... Read the Post