Mary aka Mary Poppins and her magic carpet bag

Sometimes I can't keep up with the banter between who's knitting what, what's happening on The View, politics, and random threads of conversation. It's like cross pollination the way the conversation zigs around the table.Claudia put her blanket squares together and it looks great. She's going to bring it to the Nimble Thimble, a quilt shop in Port Chester, NY to see if they will put a fabric ... Read the Post

Shape of things to come

Claudia came back from Peru with alpaca so soft if felt like cashmere. We get a lot of beautiful yarns here from South America.She's been making squares in different stitches that will make up a blanket for her cousin. I meant to ask you Claudia, where are you getting your stitch patterns?Michelle was intently working on her silk top. The directions have left a lot to interpret. I think she's ... Read the Post

The Snuggles Project

I just read about a charity called "The Snuggles Project" (it was in the page a day calendar from the author of the Stitch and Bitch books).Here's what the page said "Developed in 1996, this project encourages fiber artist to make "snuggles," or blankets for animals in shelters. The cold environment of a shelter is frightening for an animal that has been abandoned or abused. "Snuggles" allow ... Read the Post