Virtual Knitting Classes, with Pam Grushkin

~Demo Class~

This page is designed to provide LYS owners an idea of what a Virtual Knitting Class, with Pam Grushkin, would be like for their customers. These 5 “truncated segments” are for the exclusive viewing of an LYS owner, and not for distribution or resale without the express written consent of Pam Grushkin.

Intro to Brioche

Welcome Session (4mins & 23 second)

This video shows the “welcoming” of students to the zoom platform, answering initial questions, getting acquainted and engagement before the instruction of the class begins. Demonstrating Pam’s personality, warmth and rapport building process with each student.

Introduction to Brioche – Terms and Main Color

 (6 mins & 25 seconds)

This segment explains terms being used in the class. It also demonstrates the use of multiple cameras, magnification of the stitches and how students will benefit from the seeing the lessons shared.

Introduction to Brioche – Adding a second Color

(2 minutes & 52 seconds)

This segment demonstrates the “adding a second color” technique. It also shows how well students can see the demonstration to learn the process.

Introduction to Brioche – Unknitting

(4 minutes & 14 seconds)

This segment demonstrates the level of explanation provided to students, ensuring they come away with a complete understanding of the techniques required to be successful with the project. Many LYS owners commented on how few students come in to the store needing additional helps after the classes.

Introduction to Brioche – Wrap up & Questions

(5 minutes & 22 seconds)

This final segment will demonstrate how the sessions typically ends, how questions are handled and closing comments.

If you have any questions or need additional information, contact Joe Grushkin, or call 203.247.2008

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