The New Phone Books Are Here!

Ok, so I’m dating myself with this clip is from the movie, The Jerk, with Steve Martin.

It’s how I feel when the new yarns/samples begin to arrive for the coming season. Hands down it’s one of my favorite things about working in a yarn store.

It’s like your birthday and holidays rolled into one. I love opening the boxes. Maybe it’s the possibilities of what I can knit. Maybe it’s the joy of encountering new colors/textures. Probably both.

Last week at Knit or Knot Yarns, we got in the Berroco Spring Trunk show. We couldn’t try them on fast enough! Pulling on one garment only the shed it quickly to try on the next. Asking each other: “What do you think of this?” “Do you like this color on me?”.


There are several things I liked/want to knit and crochet! First on the list is Maisie. A crocheted top in Summer Sesame.

Next is Ginger, a shawl knit with Summer Sesame.

Following is (no, not Maryann 😏), Pim knit with Zinnia.

Knit or Knot has the yarns in stock now, so I could scratch that itch. I couldn’t rest easy until I had the yarn for Maisie in my hot little hands. Here are my colors for Maisie (5242 and 5237). I have to pace myself; I have deadlines and commitment knitting. Having that new “sparkly thing” to make on the horizon spurs me on.

The yarn isn’t on our website yet, so click here to email us. We can ship the yarn to you if you see something that you have to have. And don’t we want it all?

Which one will you make first?