A Catepillar becomes a Butterfly.

For anyone that knows me, up until the quarantine I have been a reluctant cook. I have cooked more in the past 3 months than I have in the past 10 years.

When raising my children, “It’s not bad” was considered a compliment. I had no idea I was raising future food critics at the time. Needless to say, by the time they were in high school, it was every “man” (I have three daughters) for themselves. Joe and I began bringing in or going out.

In the first 6 weeks of the quarantine, I was well on my way to gaining the “Covid 19” (pounds). I was eating “panic” pop-tarts and “crisis” cookie dough. In May I signed up for Optavia. I’ve got an excellent Coach, Erica, and the program is really working for me, I don’t have to think about anything all day. After my first month I lost my “Covid” weight. (Erica’s email is: fitlifeNYC1@gmail.com)

With Optavia, I’m eating pre-packaged foods 5 times a day and cooking a “lean and green” meal. Thanks to Pinterest, I have found terrific recipes and I am actually enjoying cooking. (I say that as a whisper, as I don’t think I’ve ever uttered that sentence.) And yes, I put down the knitting long enough to cook ~ it’s important to take breaks.

My husband got me an air fryer for Mother’s Day (beats a toaster) and I LOVE IT! Doesn’t hurt that it’s purple and looks like a Star Wars Storm Trooper Helmet.

Thankfully, I have a strong support system on speed dial. My mother, sister, and one of my daughters are on hand to answer questions. My dad cheers on my progress. He is a devoted foodie and marvels at what I am making.

Last night I did something unprecedented (for me). I’ve heard of other cooks doing this, of course they were real cooks. I just play one on TV. Since I had spinach and mushrooms in the fridge, I googled recipes with spinach and mushrooms. What a concept?!

I found a recipe for Mojo Shrimp with Garlic Spinach and Mushrooms. Perfect. Joe felt like riding his bike, so he picked up a couple of ingredients for me. It was 90+ degrees, I was not going with him. I didn’t have shrimp, so I cooked a Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Chicken Burger in the Air Fryer and cooked up the rest according to the recipe. IT WAS DELICIOUS!

Next week I’m going to attempt making my own dry rub for baby back ribs…. Until then,