The Ties That Bind

I have enjoyed being able to connect with other knitters via zoom. How else could I knit with 13 other women across three states, four if you include me in Florida.

This may become a regular bimonthly “hangout”. Click here to learn more about my online knitting classes. To attend this (purely social) hangout, email me at

From Connecticut…

Yuri was wearing her lovely Gardengate Pullover and knitting her The Weekender .

Susan is knitting the Colinette Absolutely Fabulous afghan for her daughter. She’s had the afghan kit since 2007. I have one too, it’s still in the bag it came in!

Lou is knitting the Churchmouse Easy Folded Poncho in Fibre Company Acadia. She finished her brioche hat ~ she is a brioche survivor. We are both very proud. If you’re interested in learning brioche, check out my upcoming class.

Lora hopes to finish the Alpine Cable Pullover by June 😉

Deb came appropriately attired wearing a t-shirt with the caption in picture above. She is knitting the Odyssey Shawl as part of the Westport Yarns KAL (knit-a-long). She is also knitting Nightshift using 13 colors of spincycle. It may be the shawl that doesn’t end.

Laura came to the party wearing the Orkney Cardigan; she calls this her “knee replacement recovery sweater”. It’s a gorgeous sweater, beautifully knit. Also on her needles are adorable sheep blanket, a bulky cabled poncho, a colorwork knit, and the Westport Yarns Hudson Bay Blanket (her zoom project).

Jackie and Lindsay made appearances as well.

From New York…

Jamie is knitting the Myrna cardigan, a very interesting non-traditional sweater knit in an unconventional way. She also has 30 year old Plymouth Encore yarn (gifted to her) that she is using to knit a baby sweater from Patons Baby Book #17341.

Karen is knitting Purl SoHo’s Botanical Yoke Pullover in Laura Bryant’s ombré yarn!

Cynthia is testing a baby blanket I designed as a gift for her granddaughter. She’s also knit up many Antler hats for many baby gifts, she tops them big pom-poms.

In New Hampshire…

My sister, Nancy, is working on Baubles, Birds of a Feather, and Mythos.

Her friend Keleigh was on the call too. She was working on a v-neck sweater.

Random things discussed ~ in no particular order…

VogueKnittingLive is going Virtual! While some classes are sold old, there are still many on offer as well as interesting lectures. Click here for more information.

Jamie told us about “Human Touch”. A book being written by Mitch Albom in the present, one week at a time. It is “a new serialized story of hope during the coronavirus pandemic, set in the moment we are all living through together.” Click here on the picture above for the link.

Susan suggested two items to have in your medicine cabinet, a forehead thermometer and an oximeter.

Recommended Instagram Accounts to follow: Myak, Knitcollage, masondixonknitting (and their email, little snippets), and Lucy Neatby (lucyknit).

Jennifer recommended checking out local food stands.

Laura told us about her favorite yarn store in Rhode Island, The Mermaid’s Purl. Road trip!

She also told us about an Online International Fiber Festival.

I asked, “What’s the first thing you are going to do when released into the wild?” The answer was overwhelmingly the nail salon, followed by the hair salon! Where will you go first?

I’ll leave you with the comical video of how NOT to make a face mask.

Be Well, Stay Safe, and Just Keep Knitting.