On the Move

Our move to Florida is surreal, probably because I am in “limbo” between places.

Last month we loaded up a 26″ uhaul that was so full, as my husband said, “you couldn’t even spit into it”.

My daughter and her boyfriend drove the truck. Joe, Harry and I went in Joe’s car. Joe, Leigha, and Eric did the driving. I was an expert passenger (just saying). Lots of knitting time! I worked on a sample of my Rainy Days Pullover for Knit or Knot Yarns in Jupiter (it will be a class in January).

We had a whirlwind of unpacking. Thank goodness Leigha is good at organizing and putting things away. I stood there dumbfounded and frozen. Friends from college surprised us to help. We got a lot done. After all of four nights there, I was on a plane back to CT.

I don’t think either Joe or I realized how much furniture we left behind. I listed everything on Facebook Marketplace. Every few days I opened “Pamela’s Furniture Warehouse” as I like to call it ~ and random people cart away my furniture. One day I’m sitting at a table, the next day there’s no table. It’s the furniture version of “And then there were none”.

It’s been bittersweet. My mother aptly stated that by being in the house like this, I’m prolonging the departure and it makes it harder to “say goodbye” to the house. We’ve been here for 25 years.

On the other hand, I’ve met some interesting people and feel good about where our furniture has gone.

Our dog crate went to a family that had just rescued a big dog. She brought me wildflowers as a thank you and sent a picture of the dog.

Another woman picked up a cooler and wrote me a funny thank you note, “You are “cool-er”.

The most rewarding was a woman with four adult children and four grandchildren all living with her. She picked up a kitchen table/chairs, full sized bed/frame, and our sectional sofa. She was beyond grateful and it warmed my heart to see our furniture go to a family that needed it.

This list goes on.

My sister came for a visit, it was a weird sort of camping. At this point I was down to the guest bedroom furniture, a small table/chairs, two chairs in the master bedroom, and the desk chair I am sitting in.

I literally took the table she was working at.

After the last piece was picked up, I’m moved in with a friend till Thanksgiving. I am blessed to have a such a generous friend with wonderful place for me to stay, complete with two dogs. (Harry had to stay in Florida with Joe.)

I think it is fitting that when we moved a bed out (of what was Yarnia) we discovered a lone skein of purple yarn.

It was a wonderful house/home to raise our kids in ~ there are lots of wonderful memories. Now we are off on our next adventure, which will surely include yarn.