Among Other Things, Stuck in an Elevator

Eileen got stuck in an elevator. I think that’s a fear many of us share. She took stock of her situation; since she had her groceries, knitting, and IPad she knew she’d survive. In the end she was stuck for about 30 minutes and was rescued by a handsome fireman. All in all, not too bad an experience.

She’s casting on for Goldfish Memory. Yarn: 1 skein of Once Upon a Corgi Oliver (Fingering: 100% Merino, 400 Yards) and 2 skeins of Anzula Dreamy (Fingering: 75% Merino, 15% Cashmere, 10% Silk, 385 yards).

Jane found a random stitch in her Easy Folded Poncho, that looked crossed. Upon closer inspection, the yarn split and there was an unknit stitch. We were able to ladder it down and fix it.

She changed up her striping, since she got bored with the tan color and is playing with the grey. Yarn: Juniper Moon Farm Zooey (DK: 60% Cotton, 40% Linen / Flax, 284 yards).

Calann visited Saratoga, NY and and met her grandchildren there. They discovered a yarn store for her (how cute is that?). Everyone’s families should be trained to look for yarn stores.

She found a pattern from a local designer – Faroese Shawl by Carolknits design.

Calann’s niece is expecting and she swatched during class for the Building Blocks Afghan in Plymouth Select Worsted Merino Superwash (Worsted: 100% Merino, 218 yards).

She finished her Elephants on Parade Blanket in Plymouth Select Worsted Merino Superwash. It’s going off tho the finisher.

Two items came back (from the finisher) for Calann. Her Emilia Poncho and Sparkle Ridges Wrap.

Cornelia started her orange customfit sweater in Knitting Fever Painted Cotton (DK: 100% Cotton, 357 yards). Her green customfit sweater is with the finisher.

Interestingly, the green sweater knit up with a different striping sequence (she’s knitting the same sweater so it’s a good comparison).

Eleanor forgot her yarn for her baby hats. 😱 Luckily she travels with more than one project. She’s knitting a prayer shawl for Alice’s Embrace in a charity knit-along from Westport Yarns. Yarn: Berroco Comfort (Worsted: 50% Nylon, 50% Acrylic, 210 yards).

She picked up more Adriafil Knitcol (DK: 100% Washable Wool, 137 yards) to knit 3 more hats.
Nan wants to knit a baby blanket with Minnie Mouse on it. We are designing a pattern around a chart of Minnie Mouse she found. She swatched with Worsted Merino Superwash on metal needles and her gauge was 21sts/4″ (we were looking for 20 sts/4″). Since she’s going to switch to bamboo needles, I’m having her go up to a #8. You want the blanket to feel smooshy.
Trammi is knitting a baby blanket, Sea of Dreams, using Nordica (DK: 100% Merino, 137 yards). This was her first picot edge effort and it came out beautifully.
Her sons are knitting afghans for Alice’s Embrace as well. One of her kids is a quiet knitter, while the other one was freaking out over dropped stitches. She’s enjoying watching them knit.

Trammi picked up Yarncatcher yarn (Fingering: 75% Merino, 25% Nylon, 463 yards) to knit my (soon to be released) scarf pattern.

Michelle stopped by with her new dog, Chops. She did not know what to make of us.