Running on Yarn Fumes

Eileen’s Sari not Sari is finished, she just has to weave in the ends. We talked about different ways you can weave in your ends. One way is to duplicate the stitches another was is to weave in and out of the purl bumps. Yarn: Hedgehog Fibres Cashmere/Merino top (Lace: 50% Merino, 50% Cashmere, 328 yards).

She had me check the gauge of the Artyarns Merino Cloud (Sport: 80% Merino, 20% Cashmere, 436 yards) for her Dentado Scarf.  Eileen doesn’t want to think about changing colors randomly, she would rather the pattern was written out. We checked the ‘helpful projects’ and found someone had written it out!

Jane spent the class weaving in the ends on her Lux Adorna Knits Striped Scarf (DK: 100% Cashmere, 140 yards). It’s less annoying to weave in ends when you are in the company of friends. I did not mean to make a rhyme. 😜

Calann had me check the length of the Emilia (Baby) Poncho, she’s concerned she might run out of yarn. The first section uses more yarn because of the cables and bobbles ~ notorious yarn users. The lace section won’t use as much. Yarn: Nordica (DK: 100% Merino, 136 yards).

© Heidi May

She was considering knitting the Unice Unicorn Hood again as a gift. We reminded her of the cursing and swearing that went on the last time she knit it. She doesn’t remember any swearing. Just like how women (sometimes) forget the pain of childbirth.

Calann had a mis-stitch on her Sparkling Ridges Wrap knit with Artyarns Beaded Silk & Sequins Light and Artyarns Merino Cloud. She picked up an extra stitch off the leg of an existing stitch. I ripped it back and set it right.

Otherwise it’s coming along beautifully!
Cornelia was ready to bind off for the armhole and begin the armhole shaping on her customfit sweater. Yarn: Knitting Fever Painted Cotton (DK: 100% Cotton, 357 yards).
Nan knit up the Mini Madness Shawl to donate for an auction. She knit it in North Light Fibers Spring Street (Fingering: 100% Falkland Wool, 310 yards).

© janukke

 Today she wanted to start her Streetscape project with supervision as she has “literally started this 100 times”. I can’t argue with that. Of course with supervision she did fine. I suggested she put in a life-line so if anything “happens” when she knits at home, she won’t have to start the 101st time over.

Allison was working on Matchmaker in one of the Anzula Yarns with sparkle, I forget which. She was working on the pure version and now she has gone rogue. I love that in a knitter.

Mallory is knitting the Westport Yarns Basketweave Blanket in Cascade 128 (Bulky: 100% Superwash Wool, 128 yards).

Molly joined us for the first time today. She wanted to review converting the short rows on the Isadora sweater from wrap & turn short rows to the German short rows she learned while taking my Magic Loop, 2 @ a time toe-up socks class at Westport Yarns. Yarn: Acadia (DK: 60% Merino, 20% Silk, 20% Alpaca, 145 yards).
Does your stash of yarn/projects make you anxious? We had a conversation about that. Some of us panic and have to breathe into a paper bag. Others proclaim they can’t buy one more thing because their projects lining up like flights on a runway. Then they go into a yarn store and those panicky thoughts drift off on yarn fumes and fade away ~ and the circle of yarn continues.

Joe brought Harry by to visit me at work. 😊💜