Second Sock Syndrome

There is a solution! Knit them 2 @ time, toe up on Magic Loop. I never understood knitting socks until I knit my first sock. They fit like a glove (actually they fit like a sock). Hand knit socks feel great. They hug your foot in a way commercial socks don’t. I could be projecting, let’s go with it.

My sock journey began with knitting socks the traditional way, on double pointed needles. At the time, there weren’t other options (ok, so I’m dating myself). Like many people, I found double pointed needles fiddly, though it got easier as the sock knit up.

That was all well and good until I developed second sock syndrome. It’s a very real thing. You finish one sock, only to realize you have to cast on and do it all over again. UGH! That single sock can languish in your UFO’s (unfinished objects) for a long time. Like this sock I discovered while sorting through Yarnia. It’s been in there a very long time. I think there was ivy growing on the Ziploc I kept it in.

After knitting socks that way for a while, I discovered knitting socks on two circular needles, first one at a time, then two at time. Knitting both socks at the same time was wonderful because I didn’t develop second sock syndrome. You can knit them from the cuff down or toe up. I preferred toe up because I could maximize my yarn yardage.

THAT was all well and good, except that if you put your socks down mid-sock, you could get very turned around on which way to go. The 2 circulars created a very pretty circle that left you wondering which way to knit. That can be mitigated by using different length circulars, however, it wasn’t magical.

THEN I discovered knitting socks 2 @ time, toe-up magic loop. That was magical. I haven’t looked back.

You may be asking why it is magical, I’ll tell you:

  • First and foremost, when you’re done, you.are.done.
  • No fiddly double point needles or 2 circulars.
  • Although the picture above doesn’t show it, you can manipulate the yarn to make them match.
  • There is no Kitchener Stitch because they are toe-up.
  • No picking up stitches for the gusset.
  • You can knit the leg as long as your yarn yardage allows, less guesswork and less leftover yarn.

Are you intrigued? How can you not be, there is magic involved. Well, you have two options.

If you are local to Fairfield County, I will be teaching a  2 @ time, toe-up magic loop class at Westport Yarn, click here for more details.

If not, you can find my comprehensive pattern on Ravelry by clicking this link.