What are your priorities? This weekend, I certainly confirmed mine!

We had the tasting for our (oldest) daughter, Aly’s, wedding. It was delicious and we agreed on all the decisions. No small feat when there are six people present and food is involved. You can’t just taste the food, though, you have to try the wine choices. Suffice to say I was no slacker and left the tasting in quite a happy state of mind.

As we ventured into the parking lot to head out to get the guys fitted for suits and tuxedos, I noticed a yarn store, Another Yarn, right across the street. A YARN STORE. RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET! I voiced my discovery with considerable enthusiasm.

The next thing I know, I’m taking off at a run to the yarn store. My daughter is shouting, “No, Mom”. My soon to be in-law is shouting, “Careful, it’s a busy road.” My husband said, “Just go”. And I did. He said I looked like the video game character Frogger crossing the road.

When I got to the shop, I explained to the owner how I have my priorities in order. That having left the tasting, I did not pass go or collect $200, but ran straight to the yarn store instead of the suit fittings. I hope she was amused. I certainly was very happy with myself. The shop is a treasure trove of yarns, notions, and kits.

My in-law (what do you call your future in-law?) followed me in to see what I was doing. Aly came in and tried to hand me the car keys. Julie and I were in no condition to drive. Aly resigned herself to her fate. I promised it would be only 5 minutes. What I didn’t say was that 5 minutes in a yarn store is like 5 minutes in a football game.

True to my word, I was done in “5” minutes and we departed. I always make it a point to buy in any brick and mortar shop and found these Addi Flips and a pretty shawl pin. I also gave the owner my card and explained that when I’m sober, I’m a designer and teacher, and maybe she could check me out. Hopefully she does, even if it’s out of morbid curiosity of the crazy drunk woman who played hooky from the wedding plans.

Aly made this video while waiting for me. I didn’t realize my stomach was showing, that’s how excited I was. 😁She plans to have an armored guard assigned to me on the day of the wedding so I don’t run off to the yarn store. It could happen.