Surrounded by knitters

Knitters in the north ~ Knitters in the south
By spending the winter in Florida and coming up back to Connecticut monthly, I am blessed to be surrounded by knitters wherever I go. Teaching (knitting) in both states has intensified my feelings and expanded my gratitude for the connections and relationships I find so rewarding.
Westport Yarns ~ Westport, CT
This common interest (obsession?) bonds people together that might never have met given the differences in ages and lifestyles. I think that’s one of the things I like best about sitting with a group of knitters.

Knitting is what brings us to the table to knit, however, it’s the joy we get from being together that brings us back.
Knit or Knot ~ Jupiter, FL

We inspire each other with our projects and yarns.

We grow by listening to each other’s life experiences.
We share books, movies, TV, restaurants, recipes, travel, and anything else that comes to the table through conversation.
When we are together we lend comfort, encouragement, laughter, understanding, affection, and not necessarily in that order.
The more time we spend together the more the differences in our ages and lifestyles blur and we go from a group of individuals around the table to a group of friends who are as interlocked together as the stitches we knit. (How’s that for a metaphor?!)
Apart we are like uniquely hand dyed skeins of yarn. When combined we create a beautiful tapestry.

I am grateful to be a part of my knitting groups.