Cast on, Cast Off

Such is the nature of our craft ~ and life. Beginnings and Endings. Very philosophical don’t you think? I figured any post at the beginning of the new year should be somewhat philosophical. That may be the extent of my musing, we’ll see.

There are many reasons that I (we) cast on…

Gift knitting, this is a baby gift, The Taylor Blanket in Berroco Pima 100 (Worsted: 100% Pima, 219 yards).

And a sweater for my Mom in Juniper Moon Farm Neve (Worsted: 100% Cotton, 222 yards). This started out as DROPS 112.  However, given that it’s a collaboration with my mother and for my mother AND that I get my design/never leave well enough alone genes from her…. it is evolving into its own unique design. The sweater is black, so not much to show yet.

For fun, I cast on for Mirror by Yumiko Alexander. I’ve been intrigued by her designs for a while. Luckily the shop here in Florida, Knit or Knot Yarns, carries DanDoh Cotton Fine (Fingering: 100% Cotton Tape/paper, 435 yards). I am knitting it in exactly the color/yarn the pattern is pictured in. I can count on one hand the number of times I have done that, Riverbend being the first.

Last month I cast off on another Rock the Pompom Hat  in Periwinkle Sheep Merino Aran (Aran: 100% Superwash Merino, 180 yards) with a FELL pompom. LOVE IT. Given the temperatures in New England, I will be wearing this home for my visit later this week.

I knit up Frieze for an upcoming class at Knit or Knot Yarns.

My “purse” project was the Bias ‘Before & After’ Scarf in Koigu Lace Merino (Lace: 100% Merino, 292 yards). This fit in my purse perfectly, nice and small.

I collect random leftovers of yarn that (I think) work together, and knit up Margaret’s Funnel Cowl (shop pattern from Westport Yarns).

The pattern encourages creativity and I enjoyed knitting it.

Lastly, I’m toying with some design ideas for Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles (Fingering: 100% Merino, 400 yards).

Harry has been by my side every stitch of the way ~ or on my lap if he feels I need a break from knitting.