Road Trip ~ Day 3 & 4

On our third day, we drove through South Carolina and landed in Jacksonville, Florida. Harry loved the scenic pond area with Turtles and Egrets.

As promised, we found a yarn store near our hotel. (Or did we find a hotel near a yarn store?)

A Stitch in time, Jacksonville, FL

It was a lovely store that reminded me (in layout) of Hook’n Needle in Westport, CT (years ago). They had knitting, crochet, and needlepoint. I had a lovely chat with the owner, Susan.

I enjoyed wandering in and out of all the rooms and finding all sorts of yarny treasures. In the end, I bought a skein of Blue Herons Cotton Rayon Seed (Worsted: 68% Rayon, 32% Cotton, 475 yards).

The BEST THING about our stay in Jacksonville was our dinner at Clark’s Fish Camp . Per an article online, Clark’s is “rumored to be one of the largest privately owned collections of taxidermy in the country, Clark’s menagerie of preserved animals includes lions, tigers, monkeys, bears, giraffes, deer, bobcats, and a flock of birds that gaze eerily at guests in the bar area and dining rooms.”

Once you get over the disturbing side of taxidermy, it was wild, literally.

To top it off, they had a live Alligator, named Lily, swimming around a tank. 

When in Rome (so to speak)… we tried fried gator tails, hush puppies, and shrimp with grit cakes. While I’m glad we tried the gator tails, I can’t say I’d order them again. No, they did not taste like chicken ~ more gamey. We loved the shrimp with grit cakes!

Harry was really confused.

On Thursday, we drove to Jupiter. Harry took up his position in the back.

And made himself at home in our winter home.