Giving Thanks

This week, my Tuesday Stitch and Chat class surprised me with a going away party. Danni, one of my co-workers, let them into the shop early to set up.

The table was replete with purple decorations, delicious baked treats, fresh fruit, yogurt, gluten free granola, coffee, orange juice, and Proseco.

I immediately noticed that they were all wearing garments and accessories that they knit, many of which were my designs. What a sweet thing this was.

What’s more, there were posters

and a sign for me to wear.

Trammi drew a sketch of me that left me speechless.

It was incredibly touching, deeply moving, and wonderfully thoughtful down to the finest details.

We’ve become more than a knitting class. I am so grateful for this community of women who look out for each other.

I am reminded every day why I love what I do and I am grateful for the opportunities to teach not only my Tuesday ladies, but all the women I meet and teach.  I learn so much from all of you.


One of the best things about knitting (to me) is how it draws people from completely different backgrounds and of all ages. Put yarn and needles in their hands, sit them around a table and a common ground is established. From there we find answers to problems, books to read, movies/plays to watch, trips to take, recipes to cook, and life stories to share.

I am grateful for my co-workers at Westport Yarns. We inspire each other and depend on each other every day at the shop.

I am grateful for the opportunities to design and the muses that inspire me (friends, co-workers, and my sister).

I am grateful for my parents who support and inspire my desire to design and write.

I am grateful for the knitters who buy my patterns and knit my designs. It is gratifying to know my designs interest people.

I am grateful for my husband and family who have learned to accept that there is never enough yarn and whatever it is, they will have to wait until I finish counting or the row I am knitting. 

and of course, I am grateful for the beasty boys who keep me company when I knit.