Dogs to the right of me ~ Dogs to the left of me

And I can’t reach my knitting. What’s a girl to do? 

I was settling into my chair to knit this morning with my coffee near at hand, when Harry jumped up on the sofa to visit. 

There was a time when Thing #2 was around 3 years old, that she would sit on my lap in such a  manner as to secure my hands to keep me from doing anything (knitting) except hold her.

Harry adopted such a posture today.  He climbed over me to sit on the arm of the sofa with his backside pressing my shoulder in place and is paw over my arm.

Not only was I unable to knit ~ I couldn’t even reach my coffee. And, yes, I am wearing Thing #1’s mermaid tail – it was chilly this morning. I was channeling my inner mermaid.

There was a dog to the right of me…
and a dog to the left of me.

What is there about a dog (or cat or child for that matter) sitting on your lap that makes you want to be still so as not to disturb them? Even though I wanted my knitting and coffee, I didn’t want him to jump off. it was such a comfortable (that may be the wrong choice of words – I was pinned to the sofa) lovely moment.