Road Trip ~ Got Yarn, Will Travel.

My sister and I took a road trip to Montreal. Road trips are awesome for knitting! 
 We wandered around Old Montreal and enjoyed the architecture.
First on our list was trying Poutine. For those of you who don’t know what this is (I certainly didn’t before visiting), it is a dish of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. I had mine with caramelized onions on it. While we waited I enjoyed an ice cold local beer and knit.
We ate in a Polish restaurant and made our own sampler of borscht, pierogos, and a Polish version of an eggroll. All delicious!
We took a food tour of the Mile End section of Montreal. It was a wonderful tour packed with local foods, local history, and interesting shops/buildings.
Awesome Florist shop.

Street art!
Hot bagels fresh from St. Viateur’s Bagel Shop, what could be better? I could have stopped the tour there and ate bagels all day.
We learned that there are two bagel shops and you are devoted to one or the other, Fairmont. Our tour guide called out to a passerby, “St. Viateur or Fairmont?” She called back, adamantly,  “Fairmont!”
There was an amazing chocolate shop, where we not only had a square of chocolate but a sample of liquid chocolate. Talk about feeling a jolt of energy!
After the (3 hour tour), we punched in the address of a local yarn store, La Maison Tricotée, and began to walk.  The good news is that it didn’t rain at all during the tour (it was a hot/humid day), the bad news is that the skies opened as we walked to the yarn store.
It was worth it. What’s more, the sun came out as we reached the shop. Isn’t that poetic?

It was a charming shop with adorable miniatures knit up and in the window, like this mini yarn store,

 and yummy treats ~ calorie free.
They also served real yummy treats, and tea.


We made a friend, a charming young woman. She practiced English with us, Nancy practiced French with her,

and I helped her with her knitting. A good time was had by all.

I loved wandering the shop, there were many Canadian yarns that I hadn’t seen and some that I don’t see often.
Of course I found some souvenirs!  😀

Randomly, there were whimsical signs for the bathrooms…

and doors!

For an added bonus, Comicon was in the convention center across the street. It added just one more dimension to the people watching. There were superheroes and Clingons. The  hotel manager said he felt very safe as there were three Batmans (Batmen?) staying at the hotel.  We met Batman and Wonder Woman in the lounge. Who knew they were a thing?


And of course there was a cute dog with speckled socks.