To-Do List? What To-Do List?

A couple of weeks ago we were having a graduation party for Thing #2.  The kids planned the party using Facebook to create the event. 

 Per the Facebook invite there were 50-something people coming.  When I did the math of adding family members, significant others, and people not on Facebook, the actual guest list neared 100 people.  This was intended to be an outdoor party.  However, the weather forecast was for rain.

100 people. In my house. Where was I going to put them all?  After I finished freaking out, I began to clear all the clutter that is daily life from the downstairs.  I realized I needed to clear my (kitchen) desk as we needed all available counter space.

I put all my desk papers, to-do lists, and knick-knacks into a giant laundry basket.  Are you cringing a little bit?  I was, as I knew this is a sure-fire way to misplace things.  I had no choice.

The party was a great success.  In actuality, 70 something people came and went during the day and it was fine.

The next morning I woke up, ready for my normal routine of coffee and going through my desk papers and to-do list.  Well guess what? That stuff was still in the laundry basket. Did that mean I had nothing to do? Surely it did because there was no to-do list on my desk, no pile of papers. 

Freed from the pull of paperwork stacked on my desk, I thought, ‘wouldn’t be nice to start the day with my coffee and knit for a bit’.

So started a new routine.  It is a lovely way to start the day. After dog/kitchen duties, I settle in for 30 minutes of knitting. Sometimes I listen to a book, sometimes I enjoy the quiet.  I choose more difficult projects as my concentration is best in the morning and I am fueled by coffee.

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