Mermaid or Loch Ness Monster ~ You be the judge.

One should know all the facts before embarking on a knitting project.  I confess to spontaneously asking Thing #1 and #2 if they would like mermaid blankets for the holidays (2016) — before getting all the facts or thinking it through. Thankfully, Thing #2 did not want one.

I did not heed my friend, Eileen, who had knit one for her (adult) daughter and warned me.

This was a HUGE amount of knitting. The thing is girnormous! Even though it was intended as a holiday gift, I admit it sat on the back burner more than once.

Finally, at long last, IT. IS.DONE.
I took several pictures of it before Thing #1 got hold of it. This mermaid tail goes on, and on, and on.
It has to be six feet tall from the tip of the fins to the other end. I can understand why Ariel wanted to be where the people are.  Lugging this around was exhausting.  Every round was a physical test of strength as I maneuvered the freakin’ tail.
She is a happy mermaid, who has been warned: I expect to see her in this daily.
AND, I had better not see a dog using it as a bed! 
Finished knitting ✓
Off the needles ✓ 
Moving on to smaller and better things. ✓✓