What’s your Nemesis?

Today’s class is brought to you by the word Nemesis.  Nemesis: something that a person cannot conquer, achieve, etc.

We had a lively conversation around the concept of a nemesis and life lessons. It went something like this… 

Allison’s cardigan came back from the finisher because she had knit one of the pieces in the wrong direction. The way the pieces of the sweater are knit, you have two pieces that are identical and produce a left front and right back. Then you have two other pieces that are identical and flipped creating the right front and left back.  It plays mind games with you.

Allison had inadvertently knit a third of one set – twice.  You follow me?
Me (to Allison): “this sweater has become your nemesis.”
Trammi: “a nemesis helps you grow”.
Me: “Spoken by a woman without a knitting nemesis.”
© Vera Sanon
Calann: “I’m coasting, I’ve had enough life lessons.”
This from the woman who is knitting her own nemesis, the Tressage top. Calann, I don’t think you realized that during class!

Calann got a hole when she worked the two legs of the “double stitch” from her German short rows (in her Tressage top).  I took back the stitches and showed her how to identify the two legs of the stitch.

Cornelia was having a heck of a time with the cable directions of her #23 Cabled Tunic. You could call it her nemesis. There is a 12 stitch cable section that has a shifting 8 stitch cable.  We finally figured out when she was reading the instructions she counted the 4 stitches slipped onto the cable as part of the 12, when it was really part of the 8 stitch cable.  Maybe you had to be there.

Perseverance paid off, she totally got it.
And let’s just take a minute to admire Cornelia’s latest finished sweater: Vivacious Hi-Low Sweater in Cascade 220 Superwash (Worsted: 100% Superwash Wool, 220 yards). This not being a custom-fit sweater, the sleeves came out too long.  No worries, Cornelia likes the cuffs.  

Eleanor finished the Little Boater Sweater in Zara (DK: 100% Merino, 137 yards). She is ready to revisit her customfit sweater and maybe a future draft choice.

Jane started a 3 x 3 ribbed scarf in Stargazer (Sport: 75% Llama, 25% Silk, 218 yards). If you have never felt this yarn you are simply missing out.

© Iris Schreier
Allison cast on for Artyarns Winging It Shawl

Her colors are gorgeous! The pattern starts out with a garter tab cast on. The directions for the garter tab read like it is complicated. If you click the link, you’ll see it is easier than you’d expect. The pattern also has short rows, however there is no wrapping or turning. Allison is going to be, wait for it, winging it.

Trammi was finishing the back of her Cabled Jacket. This jacked may be Eleanor and Calann’s next sweater!

Trammi shared with us her Rhino Flops. They are really beautiful. If you visit the website, be sure to read the about us page.

I found a random stitch marker near Harry. Suspicious. He even looks guilty. 🐶 Good thing he’s adorable.