No yarn for you – two days.

The past week we have been in Ireland. Prior to leaving I contacted Hedgehog Fibres in County Cork to see if I could visit.  They said I could and I was SO excited.  Of course I looked forward to the touring we would do as well, this was a cool happenstance. 

Unbeknownst to us, we arrived in Dublin on a bank holiday.  No one was really sure which bank holiday as it was the third one they’d had in a short while. Between that and the way our travel schedule played out, I wasn’t able to visit Hedgehog Fibres.  We drove through County Cork on a Sunday when they are closed. I was disappointed about that and then I reminded myself of where I was and how great it was to tour Ireland.

On Monday we drove the Ring of Kerry. On our way back to our hotel in Klllarney, we caught sight of a sign for Kerry Woolen Mills.  My friends generously agreed to turn down the narrow “road” to see.

We parked at the empty car park (our first clue) and wandered into the buildings.  Sadly there was no one about.  We realized that it was the Bank Holiday.  Note to self – check that next time booking travel.

Kerry Woolen Mills turned out to be an operating 17th Century Woolen Mill. 

We planned a second foray to it on our way out of County Kerry. This time they were open.They sell hand crafted sweaters, accessories, and home goods. 

In the back of the shop we found merino tops, and they were soft!

Red roving 😉 and cute husband.

Purple roving.

My friend bought two skeins of a great green color to remind her of our trip to Ireland (think Shrek green).

I couldn’t decide between getting traditional undyed wool to knit my own authentic Aran sweater, or a color more to my liking.  In the end, I decided to buy a lovely light lilac.  It’s enough that the wool is authentic Irish wool.

On our way out there was a sweet dog basking in the sunlight. A good time was had by all.