Knitting’s Calming Influence

Knitting means many things to many people.  A common thread (pun not intended) is the calming effect it has.  Our lives are so busy, we need to take time out of our day to recharge our spirit. 

We met last Wednesday and Terry’s daughter was getting married this Saturday.  We looked at her in astonishment, “What are you doing here?”. She said, “I need this”. She had cabled in the wrong direction (look at the top/center).  I fixed the cable, and after sitting and knitting for a bit ~ she was off to tend to wedding details.

Shirley came back to Stitch and Chat after a four year hiatus.  Life got in the way and now she’s back, recognizing that knitting calms the soul. She is revisiting a scarf she started several years ago,  English Mesh Lace Scarf.

Shirley kept her notes and she was literally right where her notes said she was.  Points for not only taking good notes, but having them with the project.

Michelle is working on the On the Spice Market scarf as a sample for Westport Yarns in Brooklyn Tweed Arbor (DK: 100% Targhee, 145 yards). It looks fantastic!