What determines your next project?

As I knitter, I am constantly surfing Ravelry for my next project.  No matter what I’m knitting, I’ve got my eyes on what comes next.  You have to have a plan. We’ve talked about this. Sometimes I learn of new patterns from knitting friends.

However, when you work in a yarn store as I do, you are bombarded (in a good way) with project inspiration:

  • Co-workers.
  • Magazines and Pattern booklets
  • Sales Reps with new yarns/patterns
  • Shop samples
  • Customers

and of course….

  • my students.

There is no end to it.  That’s ok, I enjoy the parade of ideas ~ it’s inspiring.

© Brooklyn Tweed

Most recently I was inspired by Robin (a student) when she came to the shop to buy yarn for the Riverbend Cardigan. The pattern calls for Brooklyn Tweed Quarry (Bulky: 100% Wool – Targhee-Columbia, 200 yards) and it was right before we began carrying Brooklyn Tweed.  We agreed she would come back (and she did).  We both bought yarn for the sweater.

Being a knitting nut-job, I cast on right away.  With bulky yarn on a #15 needle I figured I could knit it up and still get at least one wear out of it before Spring.  I loved the pattern and the meticulous care Brooklyn Tweed takes with their instructions and techniques. 

I did finish it in record time. Full disclosure, I gave it to the Westport Yarns Finisher to block and finish while I was out of town.  When I came home, my beautiful sweater was ready to wear. New England weather being what it is, I have had occasion to wear it three times!

Robin also introduced me to the Pivot Cowl. This was a great travel project.  I took it with me to Iceland and had a little fun based on the Dr. Suess book, Green Eggs and Ham.

I will knit at a glacial lake, a waterfall, in the car, and on a glacier. 

Yarn: madelinetosh Pashmina (Sport: 75% Merino, 15% Silk, 10% Cashmere, 360 yards).  This project is a definite do-over.

Most recently, Melissa came to my 2 @ time, Toe-up, Magic Loop class wearing this gorgeous scarf.  She knit it with madelintosh dk (DK: 100% Merino, 225 yards). My mind went blank when I saw it.

Let me take a minute to talk about this.  The minute I see something that catches my interest, my mind goes blank and I am entranced by the project. I’ve seen it happen with other people as well.  Then the knitter’s Holy Grail begins… obtaining the pattern and deciding upon a yarn.  This is the adrenaline stage of the Grail. You can’t stop thinking about it or what yarn you will knit it with.

Melissa told us about the pattern, String Theory Scarf which can be knit with either fingering or DK weight yarn.  It looked like she was wearing a skein of gorgeous hand-dyed yarn – literally – a skein around her neck.  I get excited all over again.  Think of all those skeins of hand-dyed yarn languishing in your (I mean my) stash.

I’d love to know where you get your next project from and if you experience the same thrill of the hunt.  Now I’m off to find potential candidates for String Theory!