A Cautionary Tale

Trammi has been knitting the Apres Vest in Blue Sky Fibers TECHNO. She swatched diligently and reviewed the pattern before casting on.  Trammi is meticulous in her approach to patterns/projects. At our last class we measured it and it seemed much smaller than the schematic measurements for her size: 24.5″ versus 33.5″ wide.

At some point between when she first printed the pattern (a year or so ago) and when she recently began knitting it, the pattern was updated with an errata for the gauge and it is a very significant change: 20 sts/4″ was changed to 14 sts/4″. No wonder it is so small!

Unfortunately the Ravelry page does not reflect the gauge change in the errata.  She discovered the change by reading about other Raveler’s experiences.

I guess the moral of the story is to check what other people’s comments say about the project and to make sure you have the most recent copy.  If you buy the pattern on ravelry, often you will get an email linking you to an update.  I rarely do anything with these, now I will make sure I check before I cast on.

Cindy finished her Shoulder Cozy in Tahki Zona (Aran: 35% Cotton, 28% Wool, 26% Acrylic, 11% Nylon, 119 yards). It fits her perfectly and the soft color looks fabulous!

Cornelia was contentedly knitting away on the sleeve of her Vivacious Hi-Lo Pullover, enjoying catching up with everyone when she noticed her knitting had a porthole! She had worked a Make One increase incorrectly and ended up with a hole.  A relatively easy fix, we took back a couple of rows and she was good to go.  Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash (Worsted: 100% Superwash wool, 220 yards).

Jane T. is another meticulous knitter.  She has been knitting the Men’s Cardigan  in Cascade 220 Superwash. Her son is 6′ tall (maybe taller) and she wants to make sure the sleeve fits right.  She brought in one of his sweaters so we could check the sleeve she knit against it.  All is good. (Phew!)

Mary is knitting the Azel Poncho for her granddaughter in Plymouth Cannoli (Super Bulky: 53% Wool, 47% Acrylic, 55 yards).  We made an executive decision to omit the buttonholes. She will seam the sides where the buttons would go and sew buttons on to be decorative instead.

Eleanor received the best thank you for the Little Boater Crew sweaters she knit for twins, pictures of the babies wearing them.  A picture (truly is) worth one thousand words.

She is almost done with the Playful Stripes Cardigan in Baby Cashmerino (Sport: 55% Wool, 33% Acrylic, 12% Cashmere, 137 yards).  Instead of knitting ribbed button bands, she is going to work garter stripes in different colors.  Fun!

Calann noticed after she finished the shaping of the front of her Sugar and Spice #193 QK  top, that it was longer than the back.  She knit the extra bit onto the back to make them the same and joined the shoulders.  Her row gauge must be a bit taller than the gauge.  Yarn: Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme (Aran: 100% Cotton, 180 yards).

Jane B. is working on a poncho in Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk (Sport: 50% Silk, 50% Alpaca 146 yards).

Allison took a class with me on Portuguese Knitting and found she really liked it (she may have been a little surprised by that). She is in the midst of knitting the Agnes Pullover in Brooklyn Tweed Loft (Fingering: 100% Wool – Targhee-Columbia, 275 yards). She’s going to cast on for the back and knit Portuguese style and decide how she wants to proceed.

Random trivia factoid: Ugg boots were designed for surfers. The were never meant for snow, they were meant for sand.

Harry knew this.  He is one cool dude.