It’s Always Darkest Before the Darn

As a self proclaimed selfish knitter, there are times when I happily knit for others.

High on the list are the socks I knit for my father.  He wears them at night and loves them. I think he has six or seven pairs.

Often when I see him, there is a pair of socks in need of darning. To be honest, I never quite knew what darning a sock meant until he asked me to fix the holes in his socks.

I actually found a darning egg; I take pride in having the right tools for the job. I also am a sucker for knitting notions.

I also take pride in “MacGyvering” a solution.  In the past I’ve used water bottles.  This time I used a vitamin jar and it worked like a charm.

There were also “darns” in need of darning. His socks are custom knit (2 @ time, toe up, magic loop pattern) and I use super wash worsted weight merino yarn. It may be time for a new pair.  

P.S. Blog title credit goes to my sister, Nancy. I must give credit where credit is due and she might not let me hear the end of it.