VKLive NYC an Inspirational Weekend

 While I was on the train home I wanted to catch my thoughts and feelings of the weekend while they were fresh. 
I was able to stay with a dear friend and in between VKLive and home, we were able to catch up on all things knitterly as well as life, the universe and everything.  (Points if you know the reference.)

The first word that comes to mind is inspirational.  From the classes I took, the people I met, samples and yarns in the marketplace, to knitter’s in all their best fibery, there was inspiration and food for thought everywhere I looked.
The second word that comes to mind is thoughtful.  I spend much of my days/life speeding along and often I feel as if much of what I do is at the eleventh hour.  On some levels, I think I like the adrenaline rush.  Yet on other levels,  I think I would feel better if I took my time.  It would mean completely stopping the train (proverbially – and I say this because I am currently on the train home). Taking stock of what/how I want to do/spend my time/etc.
My first class was with Franklin Habit ….

I learned a lot of interesting things about cameras, general photography and tips with regards to photographing fiber.  Heretofore I shoot my pictures on the fly. I know they could be better. I learned that it takes time, practice, thoughtful preparation, and play.

Practice to learn my camera and learn how to use it 
Preparation to consider how I want to lay out a picture and do I need props,etc.
Play by taking many many pictures – you just don’t know where the best shot will be.  The more photos, the more options.

Franklin’s dry wit was a pleasure, the information was at the right level and totally met my expectations.   I like how he encouraged us to use items we have at hand and to play to learn.

My second class with Joii Locatelli was incredible. Sitting in her class, learning her approach to sweater design, I felt validated where I did things she does, inspired by her methods, and freed to think outside to box, She is delightful, encouraging, grateful, thoughtful and honest. I left her class raring to go (and design).
My first two classes were more theory/applications than hands on.

My third class was an all day immersion in Sequence Knitting with Cecelia Campochiaro.  It was fascinating. Cecelia brought all the samples from her incredible book (a 5 pound tome).

The different fabrics you can create based on different repetitions, fibers, weights, solid colors versus variegated, tonal/hand dyed, and any combination there of, was mind blowing as well as inspiring. Again, I left raring to go (and swatch).

One of the great things I find in taking classes as well as teaching classes is the wealth information that comes out that does not necessarily have anything to do with your class content.  It’s the kind of information that adds to (what I consider) a knitter’s mental toolbox of techniques.  The kind of techniques that make your knitting easier.  Little tips and tricks that we pick up along the way that empower us to modify patterns and infer knowledge when it is not spelled out.

The song “Bang on the drums all day” by Todd Rungren came to mind this weekend although I would edit the lyrics to I just want to knit all day.

And at the end of the day (and train ride) my chariot awaited with my Prince Charming and Tucker (riding shotgun).