Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival ~ The Sights

I am still riding the “high” from our woolly weekend. The weather was perfect, the yarn plentiful, and the food was delicious.

We began the weekend at the Indie Untangled Trunk Show on Friday night. I was able to snag early bird tickets. That didn’t save me from a line to get in though.

I was tempted by these fun shot glasses for a drinking game named Stitch & Sip “a drinking game for advanced crafters”. 
Special effects courtesy of Nancy

Saturday morning loomed cold, dark and foggy.  We joked about it being part of a thriller where everyone THOUGHT they were going to a Sheep and Wool Festival, but no…. cue evil laugh here.

Once the fog cleared, it became a beautiful day. We were able to get a clear view of the growing line at the Main Entrance.  I’m sure it’s true of any hobby that evokes such passion, however, I still couldn’t help but marvel at the long lines for yarn – everywhere. 
 While on line we struck up a conversation with the man behind us.  He had a stitch marker attached to his shoelaces.  Was it code for other knitters to recognize a kindred spirit or a handy place to leave a stitch marker for emergencies.  Probably both.  Made me smile either way.
Growth by Joji Locatelli

Everywhere we went there was a wonderful walking fashion show of people’s favorite knits that they wore with pride. Each booth displayed terrific samples that were inspiring.

The first booth we visited was Into the Whirled.  They added a new dyeing technique that we really loved.  Last year we went to them later in the weekend and they were picked clean.

Pennsylvania Triangle Park by Lynn Di Cristina
The next booth over was Neighborhood Fiber Company
Mosaic Cowl by Ann Weaver

And this, my friends, is Miss Babs‘ booth. It was a yarny feeding frenzy.

People wore their devotion to their craft proudly like this woman wearing a crocheted shawl with skulls.

Nancy had an knit stitch accent on her nails. (I was a little jealous of this one.)

There was Patriotic yarn at Blue Ridge Yarns‘ booth.

Paintboxes Cowl

There was this great infinity scarf using Fiber Optics Foot Notes Paintbox Gradient ; perfect for the gradient kit I bought last year.

I even tried out a different color for me, GREEN!


I was completely smitten with this scarf.  

Every year, there seems to be one particular pattern that a majority of the people are wearing.  This year it was Exploration Station.
© David Whitfield

The other thing that invariably happens to me is that I see one garment or accessory EVERYWHERE, that I become really excited about.This year it was a sweater called Illas Cies. I love it and definitely want to knit it.

Nature’s gradient.

For the complete list of out Rhinebeck pattern sightings, click here to view my Ravelry bundle.