Practice what you preach

This is a tale of three blankets and knitting impulsively. 

I mailed off a deadline design yesterday which frees me up for knitting a baby blanket in Wonderland Yarns March Hare (Worsted: 100% Merino, 184 yards).

© John Lloyd/Cardigan Row

Initially I had intended to knit Tregaron, a reversible blanket that looks really cool.  I peaked behind the curtain, read the pattern, and swatched. I realized that this blanket was going to require a serious level of attention.  It is stunning and I would like to knit it…just not now.

I decided to knit Waffles.  My sister knit this blanket for our cousin and we liked how it looked.

Relieved of the intensity of Tregaron and riding high on my enthusiasm of meeting my deadline I threw caution to the wind and cast on without swatching. Wild, I know.

Big mistake, huge even (points for knowing what movie that line is from).  I chose to knit continental for extra speed and went down two needle sizes as I usually do since I knit loosely this way.

After casting on three times (errant cast on stitches), I finally knit a couple of inches.  I sat back and reviewed the blanket.

I liked the pattern. Unfortunately, it was coming out much smaller at 22″ wide verses the 25″ it is supposed to be AND my stitches were not as tidy as I would like. I was knitting with Eileen and Lois at the time.  As I lamented whether or not it was too small and if I should start over, Eileen said “If it makes you feel any better, I would start over”.  It did make me feel better.  Eileen is not one for starting over if she can avoid it.

I went home and decided to swatch.  I blamed the blanket pattern.  What else could I do?

Indecision hit me.  Do I still want to knit Waffles?  Am I hungry thinking about Waffles?  I remembered that Michelle knit the Collina Blanket recently and it was a quick knit.

Well, if I’m swatching for one, I might as well swatch for the other and compare.

Which do you like better? Waffles…

or the Collina Blanket?
Please post a comment with your pattern preference. Time is of the essence. 
The baby is due in two months!