On Tuesday, Debra joined us.  She has recently moved to the area and is a relatively new knitter.  She is knitting a Mohair Capelet and wanted to review decreases. Among her priorities when she moved were finding a yoga class, a house cleaner, and a knitting class (and not necessarily in that order).

We measured Jane B.’s Easy Folded Poncho and decided she should knit 10 more inches. At that point we will put her stitches on waste yarn and pin it as if it is finished so we can measure more carefully. She wants to modify the size of the poncho. Yarn: Anzula For Better or Worsted (Worsted: 80% Merino, 10% Cashmere goat, 10% Nylon, 200 yards).

Trammi wanted to check the proportions and measurements on her cabled jacket before knitting further. Yarn: Anzula Cricket (DK: 80% Merino, 10% Nylon, 10% Cashmere, 250 yards). 

The last decrease row on Calann’s Bergere #396 – Poncho went awry so we reviewed the decreases and she re-knit it.

We got into a discussion about how long we have had yarn in our stash and that there are not enough years to knit everything in stash.

There is actually an acronym for this: SABLE.

Eleanor brought in her Matchmaker in Baby Cashmerino (Sport: 55% Wool, 33% Microfiber, 12% Cashmere, 137 yards).  She told us there is a video on how to wear Matchmatker. That is brilliant.  I love when designers show you different ways to wear to accessory you’re knitting.

She is going to knit the Little Boater Crew in Zara (DK: 100% Merino, 137 yards).

Eileen is working on her Artyarns Lazy Days of Summer Shawl. She missed an increase and had to take out two rows. The yarns are Artyarns Beaded Silk & Sequins Light and Artyarns Merino Cloud.

She is almost finished with her L’Enveloppe in Misti Alpaca Qolla Worsted (Worsted: 80% Wool, 20% Alpaca, 218 yards).

Cornelia finished the front of her customfit sweater and cast on for the sleeves. Yarn: Mushishi (Worsted: 95% Wool, 5% Silk, 491 yards). 

Allison needed a stitch count on Starshower, she was off a stitch.  I took it back a few rows to get back on track. Yarn: Anzula Nebula (Fingering: 84% Merino, 16% Metallic, 400 yards).

She is knitting the Guernsey wrap  in Anzula Worsted. Gorgeous!

On Wednesday

Michelle came with a wealth of patterns she discovered in the WEBS catalog:
Oceanbound – silken
Kohl lace pullover
Runs baby blanket.                
Purl soho two color cotton scarf modern cotton?

She finished the Llama ll Sweater and loves it! Yarn: Top in purple is Blue Sky Fibers Extra (Aran: 55% Alpaca, 45% Merino, 218 yards). The bottom in green is Royal Alpaca (Worsted: 100% Alpaca, 220 yards).

Now she is starting Exploration Station.  Not so much because she’ll wear it, because of the skills she will learn knitting it. She has three colors of Anzula Dreamy and one skein of Koigu PPPM (Fingering: 100% Merino, 175 yards).

Michelle is almost done with the first Building Block that she is knitting from her stash.

Mary misread her Customfit directions and had to rip back to an inch above her ribbing.  I felt her pain as I took out the front.  She was a good sport about it.  The pattern read, ‘start shaping 3″ from beginning’ (top half of picture) and she took it as 3″ from the beginning of the stockinette (bottom half of picture). As a result, the front was 3″ too long.  It felt like playing a game of Chutes and Ladders.Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Seedling (Aran: 100# Cotton, 110 yards).