Working from memory

I have this great system.  I type my notes about stitch and chat right into my iPad – blogger app.  It’s a much better system than writing in a notebook and trying to decipher my cryptic scribble scrabble notes.

This week I forgot to bring my iPad.  Blame it on Labor Day, it through off my equilibrium. I had to work “old school” and write notes. No biggie – first world problems.
To compound matters, I am now traveling and forgot said notes.  
So this blog post is brought to you by my memory.  I make no promises.
Pictures will be my clues.

Jane was a very happy camper.  Her Jade Sapphire 6-ply for her Buildng Blocks afghan came in.  This afghan is going to be absolutely luxurious.

Her Easy Folded Poncho in Jade Sapphire Cashmere (woman has good taste) had a close call with her new puppy.  Thankfully she always keeps point protectors on her needles.  The puppy got into her knitting and when she came home she found it bunched up in a ball.  The only “casualty” was some puppy hairs on the poncho.
Michelle finished one of the sides of her Poncho Air Lux.  

She’s considering using yarn from her stash for the Building Blocks AFghan. She has had this in her stash since Knit Together sold almost ten years ago. Always a good feeling to use up yarn in our stash.

Calann tried on the Azel Poncho she’s knitting for her daughter,  She was concerned about it being too big.  We all really liked it.  

We made the joint decision to start the yoke shaping over again.  Neither of us were happy with how it was shaping up (pun intended).  

Allison finished her Easy Folded Poncho and was thrilled with how it knit up.  She is going to get a lot of use out of this.  It’s a terrific shade of blue that will work nicely with anything,

Her cowl in Anzula Nebula is ready to be joined in the round.  

Great picture of yarn.  Can’t remember who’s yarn it was or what they are planning on knitting with it.  I’m thinking Allison cause she’s working this “blues” theme.

Cornelia knit up a storm and finished the back of her revised customfit sweater. She is in her happy place again with her Scotland sweater.

Carol joined us with her first (of several) Fibers Entwined Whimsical (Nikola) Christmas Stocking. She’s thoroughly enjoying making these stockings.  She wanted to confirm that she worked the toe correctly.

Later in the week I met with Trammi.  Together we are modifying the sweater to fit her better.  Trammi is very petite and the sweater is oversized and is only sized for Medium and Large.  

First off we changed the yarn from Aran weight to DK weight.  

Next she swatched for all the cable/stitch patterns involved.  From their we worked out the math based on a sweater she liked the fit of.  My hope was that by making these changes, she would be able to follow the numbers as they are written and get the smaller size.  Happily it worked out.  

Now the proof will be in the knitting.