Knitting is my Super Power

This past weekend I went to Comic Con in Boston with Thing #1, my sister and my niece. As I was packing and thinking aloud, I pondered what knitting to bring. 

Thing #1: (with all the appropriate teenage type scorn she could muster) said, “Moommm, you do not need your knitting at Comic con.”

Me: (thinking, have you met me?) Returned the scorn with a scoff, “of course I do, we’ll be waiting around a lot”.

Thing #1: What if Aunt Nancy doesn’t bring her knitting? 

Me:  (thinking, have you met her?) answered simply, she will.

For Comic Con I brought Trains, Planes, and Automobiles (shop pattern from Westport Yarns).  I must say, I was pretty proud of the way I “vacuum-packed” my knitting to fit into a small cross-body bag.

I even brought Dr. Who Mad Libs for the car ride. 

We waited on line for at least an hour if not more, just to gain entrance to the building. I would have been beside myself without my knitting.

And, OF COURSE Nancy brought her knitting. That was just a silly question. She is knitting the Zickzack Scarf in Mille Colori Baby (Fingering: 100% Wool – Merino, 208 yards). It is her go to travel project because it simply never ends.

There were ample knitting opportunities.  While on line for my sister’s photo op with John Barrowman, I dropped to the floor to knit.  I was a tired camper.

It did not take long for my niece to follow.  We were each others back rest.  And yes, there is a cape attached to my Wonder Woman t-shirt.  I am just that cool.  T-shirt credit goes to Thing #1 (if she reads this, I know she’ll want credit).

We enjoyed several celebrity sightings.

We had a great time.  Having never been, the people watching was beyond expectation and defies description.  Suffice to say, anything goes was the theme for the day.  Knitting in a Wonder Woman t-shirt did not make me stand out in the least.

I also brought Hitchhiker and happily finished it.  I knit this with Miss Babs Keira (Fingers: 100% Wool – Merino, 560 yards). I ended with about 12″ of yarn left.  Talk about playing yarn chicken!  I made some modifications to the pattern which can be found here.

Now back to the real world.