Cloudy with a Chance of Knitting

When I have a day off, I consider the weather first. A beautiful day equals outdoor time, reading/knitting and minimal indoor tasks.

On a cloudy day I consider what I can get done around the house.  And isn’t there always something?

I began in my bedroom, lots of clothes to put away plus the random crap that gets in there when I have company and have to stash the STUFF.

That reminded me that I was looking for a compact mirror for my purse.  I knew I had one somewhere.

That lead too a “junk box” in my closet.  AMAZING what I keep.  Luckily I found a mirror.  I also found a cross body wallet/bag.  I’ve been looking online for one.  There’s money back in my pocket.

I even opened the draw of orphaned socks.  I took out any of the annoying “no show socks” that fall off your heel and under your foot.  I left them in Thing #2’s bathroom with other random things.

When she woke up, I said, “I’m on a tear through the house”.

She said, “I can tell, there were pencils in my bathroom and I don’t use pencils in my bathroom.”

After sorting/keeping/tossing I began the laundry.  That reminded me that I meant to clean the woolens in the coat closet.

That lead to the discovery of way too many shoes chucked in there.  Those are now lining my hallway waiting for children to reclaim ownership. Thing #2 was very pleased to see I’d “found” her other pair of flip flops.

When Joe came out of his (home) office and saw this, he posted the following comment of Facebook “… I walked out of my office today and saw boots and shoes in the front hall? It’s reminiscent of when we lived in Canada. It was customary to take your shoes off at the front door as you would nter a house, everyone did it: workers, friends, family. No idea why they are there today other than because it’s July 1…. so it must be in honor of Canada Day”

Nope, not because of Canada Day. A happy coincidence.

Where do I go from here? Certainly not the Tupperware draw, after all the orphaned socks I found!

I think I’ve earned some knitting time.