Crafter, Know Thyself

Do you read the Ravelry Home Page?  You can pick up all kinds of information. Last Thursdays Tip was “Crafter, Know Thyself”  posted by oharethey on June 2, 2016. 

It was all about what you can learn about yourself as a crafter by doing an advanced search of your project page in your notebook. When I think about it, it reminds me of one of those quizzes on Facebook or in Magazines.

Here is what I learned about myself:

Not surprisingly, I’ve knit the most projects in purple.  No shocker there.  What was interesting was that it wasn’t by a landslide. What I mean is that after that, blue and gray are the runners up for most projects knit.

These numbers reflect how many projects I’ve worked on since joining Ravelry in 2007. That’s approximately 28 projects a year – give or take.

Clearly, I do like my accessories, don’t I? 74 sweaters is not to shabby either.   To be clear, I don’t own 74 sweaters.  There were gift-knits in there.

It appears my “go to” yarn weights lean towards Aran and Fingering, followed closely by Worsted and DK.  Interesting that Lace and Super Bulky weights are on practically on even footing.

Judging by how many projects I have knit with #5 needles, I now understand why I have about a dozen fixed #5 circular needles. I’m guessing that every time I went to find a #5 needle it was otherwise occupied in a project.

No surprise here.  I’m a very happy knitter. I’m sure your curious about the project I was very unhappy about.  It was a Jacket knit with super bulky yarn. Don’t remember why I was so very unhappy with it.  I do remember frogging it.  Thing #2 got the yarn.

Project status speaks for itself.

This refers to color work. For now, I am a mostly single-color knitter.  However, the “1” color used doesn’t take into account if the yarn is variegated.

You can go deeper into some of these categories. It was a fun exercise.  As I write this, I began to wonder if you could search your favorites as well.  There is.  I’ll save that for another day.  

If you do an advanced search, I’d love to know what you learn about yourself as a crafter.  Was it what you expected?