Weekend Update

Here’s what’s been on my needles lately:

After publishing Baby’s First Hat (which I really aught to have checked before naming – there are many by that name),  one of my co-workers asked for a “tea-bag” hat as she calls it.  I’m a sucker for “can you knit this”, so I knit one up and added it to the pattern.  If you bought the pattern already, you would have received an update.

I’m in the midst of knitting my Centerport Cropped Poncho in Aruba (Aran: 80% Cotton, 10% Linen, 98 yards).  True to my own spirit of never leaving well enough alone, I have modified my own pattern. As the title states, it is a cropped poncho.  I wanted mine longer. So far it’s 5″ longer than the pattern.  I may go longer after I finish the front.

I finished my Rockaways Racerback Tank in Ripple (Aran: 100% Cotton, 142 yards). Again, true to form I modified this as well.  I want to wear it as a beach cover up so I knit the large, made it (much) longer and decreased to the medium as I neared the armholes.  Then I crocheted around the sleeves and neckline.

My oldest, who does not knit or crochet (finds it stressful – don’t ask), occasionally asks me to make baby gifts for friends. A picture like this is the best thank you. The pattern is Otto by Ysolda Teague. The dress is a modification I made. 
At the beginning of the spring/summer knitting season, I told myself I would knit for this season until July when I would revisit unfinished projects for the fall/winter.  I have two more projects I’m considering making, Lefty which looks to be an easy top and the Poncho Air Lux.
And Mom, these ponchos are for me.  
I will gladly knit you one.