Singing the praises of Stockinette

Sometimes stockinette can be a bore – other times delightfully mindless.  For me, this weekend it was soothing.

I’ll start with saying, “he’s fine now”.  Great opener, huh?

My husband ended up at the ER Friday night via ambulance from his doctor’s office. He’s been in the hospital all weekend. Given that his business is Social Media Management, he documented the weekend. Seriously, it’s all there, on Facebook. Sigh. Welcome to my world.

I’ll skip the details. They really aren’t sure what “started” it.  He needed a blood transfusion and was in ICU for two nights. Now he is in a regular room and having tests.


Today he seems to have turned a corner.  Hopefully he’ll be home within the next day or two. Through it all he/we kept our sense of humor. Which had the nurses peaking in repeatedly to see what was going on. 

I (of course) had my knitting with me.  I was working on my Rockaways Racerback Tank
in Ripple (Aran: 100% Cotton, 142 yards).  I’m knitting one size up and making it about 5″ longer so it will be a swimsuit cover-up.  Since it’s knit in the round up to the armholes, I had lots of mindless knitting and it fit the bill.

Several of his nurses commented (on my knitting) along the way. The most notable of whom told me her (grown) sons took her knitting away because only “old ladies knit”.  She is probably my age.

We just didn’t know what we wanted to do this holiday weekend. What can I say? He takes me to all the best places.  He had a room with a garden/ocean view.  Food was available at all times (for me – not him).  You could say it was like a cruise. Not.

Knitting = Sanity 
(most of the time)