Third times a charm.

It doesn’t seem like it’s only been a month since I knit my first Ponchette

Since then I’ve sent my mother my Ponchette.

I knit one for the shop if Rowan Softknit Cotton (Worsted: 92% Cotton, 8% Nylon, 115 yards). And finally, knit a replacement for my original Ponchette.  I honestly think I know the pattern by heart.

I’m in finishing mode for several other works in progress.  My socks are done. I absolutely love the feel of the socks, Serenity 20 (Fingering: 70% Merino, 20% Cashmere, 10% Nylon, 400 yards). The colorway is called Convergence. 

I’ve sewn my Odele shirt together.  On a side note here, I tried a sloped bind off for the front shoulders (right shoulder in picture) versus the step bind off for shaping a shoulder (left shoulder in picture).  Very easy to execute, much nicer looking, and easier to sew together.  I totally recommend it.

The i-cord edging for the neckline and armholes is very pretty, slow going, but pretty. I love how drapey the final top is, knit with Mykonos yarn (DK: 66% Linen, 26% Nylon, 8% Cotton, 142 yards).

I’m swatched 

blocked and ready to cast on for the Mirage Poncho that I’m knitting with Stacy Charles Alicia (Lace: 100% Linen, 180 yards).

My easy knitting project is my Rockaways Racerback Tank pattern in Tahki Ripple (Aran: 100% Cotton, 142 yards).  I’m knitting it in the larger size up till the waist, then narrowing it to the medium.  My goal is to wear it as a pool cover-up.

All the recent rain has made it perfect knitting weather.  My dogs, on the other hand are bored!

When they aren’t causing mischief, like snatching a log from the fireplace,

they are snoozing. At least Harry had the decency to look guilty.  Tucker, not so much.