His name is Felix but we call him Joey.

Ok, so the title may not make sense and I’m not really sure how we got there. I think we were talking about grandkids and names. Anyway, what can you do with a sentence like that?  I couldn’t let it fall on the proverbial cutting floor.

Jane is on the second front of her Beech Hill Poncho in Acadia (DK: 60% Merino, 20% Silk, 20% Alpaca, 145 yards). If the weather stays chilly and raw, she could be wearing it next week!

She wants to knit the Etched Rio Wrap in Acadia for a dear friend who likes green. Jane doesn’t like knitting in green (the way I don’t like knitting in yellow).  The things we do for special friends. It’s our cross to bear.

Allison is knitting The Easy Folded Poncho in Cricket (DK: 80% Merino, 10% Nylon, 10% Cashmere, 250 yards). Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.  Really, stockinette rectangle.  Use an awesome yarn like Cricket and you have an easy to wear, simply elegant poncho.

A Set of Wedding Accessories to knit.

I caught up with Mary and her assorted projects. Mary has a “Mary Poppins Bag”. You wouldn’t believe the number of projects that come pouring out! She is an organizational lesson to all of us, each project is in a different bag complete with directions and notes.

She is in the midst of knitting Building Blocks 9 and 10. Two more to go.  

She has knit them in different colors and will sew them together with white yarn.
Pati joined us for the first time today.  She took my Continental Class on Sunday, went home and finished a hat.  After seeing Allison’s poncho in progress she decided to knit one for herself in the Misti Alpaca Tonos Pima Silk (DK: 83% Cotton, 17% Silk, 327 yards). This will be her first project knitting continental.

While in class today she finished binding off her magic loops socks. She is ready to cast on for her next pair and wanted to use a fine weight alpaca..  100% Alpaca isn’t a good choice for socks, it won’t hold its shape.  Grudgingly (wink, wink) she will buy yarn to cast on for next pair.

She’s loving knitting socks this way. 

Calann lost track of where she was in her Rowan Straight Top. The key to this pattern is keeping very accurate notes on your rows in each section. Watching Calann knit this top was a reminder to me and our group, that when you start a new pattern, it’s important to read (if not whole pattern) at least the first section before casting on. She got it going and rejoined to knit in one piece to the end. She’s very nearly finished.
She asked the group at large if we had watched Game of Thrones.  I had taped it, so I didn’t want any spoilers.  Cindy said she hasn’t really watched much science fiction/fantasy.

 Image result for game of thrones free pictures

I said that it was medieval in character, not really that much science fiction/fantasy. Then I was reminded that the show has dragons, giants, dead ice zombies, and a red queen. Fine. I guess I read/watch a lot more science fiction/fantasy than I thought if I think Game of Thrones is light on the science fiction/fantasy.

Cindy is knitting a Baby Hooded Wrap Cardigan. When she finishes knitting the body, she’ll work from the existing stitches and work the hood. 

This week’s book recommendation: City on fire.

I’ll leaving you with a story and a little knitting…