If you don’t like the weather in New England, stick around, it willchange. Mark Twain

Cornelia has gotten compliments and/or offers to buy her Rasta Poncho!  Today it was actually too cold to wear it.  Ah, New England.

She’s nearly done with the back of her Artyarns Ensemble Light Customfit sweater. 

Over the weekend, Jane took (my) 2 @ time Toe up Magic Loop socks class.  Since then she lost her magic loop. It looks like a sombrero!  To recapture the Magic (Loop), first count your stitches.  Pinch the needle cord at the halfway point and pull it through.

She has knit the back of her Beech Hill poncho and has to knit the fronts.

Mary was confirming what row she is on for the last garter (August Wedding).

Then we worked on deciphering the pattern instructions on her building block. The pattern had you end the repeat differently and that was throwing her off.  We put markers on either side of the border stitches to make things clearer. 

Jane T swatched for the Essence Pullover. This will be her first top down sweater. She cast on and began knitting pattern. We are changing up the pattern and substituting a kfb increase for the M1.  

Cornelia thought she would knit the Essence Pullover it until she learned she had to knit on circular needles.  While she took a break from knitting and walked the store, she fell in love with the Grapevine colorway of Mushishi (Worsted: 95% Wool, 5% Silk, 491 yards). It will go in the queue for her next Customfit.