If Mama Ain’t Happy, No One is Happy

You may recall when I was visiting my parents, I knit the Ponchette in Stacy Charles Nina (Worsted: 77% Linen, 23% Cotton, 136 yards).

I urged my mother to try it on, I want to knit something for her.  Dad gets socks and the occasional hat. Mom has a a short sleeved cardigan and a shell.

She liked it straightaway and I was delighted.  What I didn’t expect is for her to want mine.

The conversation went something like this:
Me: I’ll knit you one.
Mom: But I like this one.
Me: (pregnant pause) I want to show it to the shop, we can use it.
Mom: But I want this one.
Me: (Hesitantly) I’ll knit you one.
Mom: When?
Me: For when you get home in May.
Mom: But I can wear it now.
Me: I’ll knit you one now and mail it to you.
Mom: (Appeased but not really. She was giving me the “mom” look. It’s a very penetrating look.)

I’ve since ordered/received the yarn. I am knitting like I’m in a race.  Can you hear my needles furiously clicking away?

Everyone I’ve shown the poncho to has loved it, so I’m knitting one for the store in Rowan Softknit Cotton (Worsted: 92% Cotton, 8% Nylon, 115 yards). It will also be a beginner lace class.

I know cotton has a mixed reputation; I have to tell you I am totally LOVING this yarn.  It is really soft and the little bit of nylon helps it keep it’s shape.  I washed and blocked the swatch and it came through with flying colors.  I’ll probably end up knitting a spring/summer pullover in it.

So yes, I’m knitting not one, but two Ponchettes at the same time.  Since it’s been snowing and freezing here, I’ve decided to mail her mine. Yes, Mom, you can expect it later in the week.

Always better to keep Mom happy. In fact that was a life lesson my dad imparted to me during my snarky teenage years that I have never forgotten.  Words to live by.  I hope my daughters are reading this.  Can someone forward it to them to make sure?