How do you keep your patterns organized?

Tuesday’s Stitch and Chat…

Jane was ready to join in the round for Karma Chameleon and forgot how.  She even went one better, and got her yarn caught in the cast on.

She was all set on her  Two Harbors Poncho, really knit a lot.  Jane wasn’t kidding when she said she was happy to be knitting again, she made awesome progress since last week.

Calann swatched on #17 and got gauge.  Hurrah!  Casting on and knitting the first few rows of her Rowan Straight Top was a bit of a juggling match given that there were three balls of yarn.

Cornelia was wearing her first customfit sweater.  Everyone thought it looked store bought which is a huge compliment.

She finished the first side of her Rasta poncho and she picked up a button for it.  Cornelia re-named the color of her poncho Desert Sunset.

Lori came to Tuesday Stitch and Chat for the first time.  She and I go back to my Knit Together days in Stamford.  It was such a joy to reconnect. She is making a comeback to knitting by working on a hat with yarn from her stash. 

Next she wants to knit a cover up. In preparation, she is going to knit a long swatch sampler in a yarn she has copious amount of,  to see what stitch she want use.

Allison finished the pieces of the poncho for her niece. 

She asked me to measure it.  I brought out a tape measure.

Allison said, “That’s a good idea”.
 Me: “Versus what? How have you been measuring it?”
Allison: “Eyeballing it.”

It may not be as funny in retelling it. We got a good laugh out of it.  Maybe you had to be there.  It was still a blogworthy moment. The poncho went off to the finisher.

She decided to restart her Artyarns Gemstones Scarf because she was off one stitch and only 5 rows into the pattern.
Allison told us about Fresh20 a recipe service that you can tailor to your preferences.  Sounds very intriguing, especially for the recipe/cooking challenged.
Wednesday’s Stitch and Chat…

Eileen was off a stitch in her Exploration Station. Among other things, she skipped a ssk and it through off her pattern repeat. There was a little fudging forward to done here.

Lois found a pattern for a Bias Scarf with Ribbed Cables for stash yarn.  She loves the color of this yarn, very uplifting and springy. 

We had a discussion about organizing patterns.  Especially if you are a paper person.  Eileen and Lois much prefer to sift through printed patterns than virtually online.

Eileen has folders with tabs so she can flip through patterns by category.

Lois created a binder with tabbed dividers.

I do use Ravelry to organize my pattern interests.  Patterns that I have printed are sorted into dividers.  I am considering going through all the paper patterns and if I have a online copy, I’ll toss the paper and reduce how many binders I have.  Then I can use the Ravelry search filters when looking for a pattern.

How do you organize your patterns?